Tough like an Armadillo!
“Sturdy roofing solutions for your residential properties.”
At Armadillo Roofing Company, we are fully committed to meet the expectations of our customers. Our skilled roofing professionals know the complete process of successfully carrying out all tasks. People working with us have a common goal to strive for perfection on every project we undertake and use excellent products for your roofing that can last for years to come.

We provide roof installations, maintenance, and repair solutions along with emergency services.

Roof Installation

Is your roof looking under the weather from everyday wear and tear? Instead of spending countless dollars trying to fix a recurring leak or trying to bring your roof back from the dead, consider a new roof installation. We specialize in affordable roof installation services and will save you money in the long run, making your home look brand new. If you are looking for a dependable and qualified team of roofers to help you with your roof installation, request a quote, or call us right away.

Residential Roofing Services

When you are a homeowner, your property is considered one of your prime investments, along with being home to you and your family. And a solid roof over your head is one of the most critical components of this home. It is a protective barrier between you and the harsh weather outside, whether that’s scorching heat from the sun, rain, or the winds. It saves and protects your home, and because of its importance in keeping your house protected, it is essential to maintain and have the right material when installing it. At Armadillo Roofing Company, we make sure that you are delivered the best residential roof repair services along with the best materials. We don’t just install new roofs but also repair your old roofs.